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Nepal Information

Nepal Information

Nepal has extraordinary natural beauty, owing to its unique geography and latitude. It is a land of contrasts, with towering Himalayas, deep valleys, fertile Terai plains, lush hills, rivers, lakes, and diverse climates coexisting in close proximity. The country's elevation ranges from 60 meters to Mount Everest, the world's highest point at 8,848 meters, all within 150 kilometers. This results in an extraordinary diversity of ecosystems, from dense forests to frozen valleys, each with its own flora and fauna. Amidst this dramatic landscape, there is a rich tapestry of cultures, with 101 ethnic groups and over 92 languages spoken. Nepal has approximately 23.1 million people living in Himalayan villages, each with their own unique way of life, customs, and traditions.

Nepal offers a wonderful opportunity to experience its natural beauty and cultural diversity by walking through its villages. Despite its small size of 1,425 km long and 310 km wide, Nepal is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife. The country is home to a variety of wildlife, including stunning birds, majestic tigers, elephants, rhinos, snow leopards, and the elusive Himalayan Panda. With over 61 ethnic groups, Nepalese people are known for their warm hospitality, and the popular Namaste greeting reflects their calm and welcoming nature. Nepal is a truly unique and magical place waiting to be discovered.

Location: Southern Asia, between China (North) and India (South, East, and West)
Latitude : 26°22’ N – 80°27’ N'
Longitude : 80°4’ E – 88°12’ E’

Total Area: 147,181 sq. km
Length: approx. 885 km
Width: approx. 193 km
Total Land: Approx. 143,351 sq. Km
Total Water: Approx. 3,830 sq. km.

Lowest Point: 60m above sea level (Kanchan Kalan)
Highest Point: 8,845m above sea level (Mt. Everest)

Arable Land: 16.7%
Permanent Crops: 0.85%
Other: 83.08%

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